Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4)
Item Specification
Particle Size/mm D10 0.9
D50 4.8
D90 15
TD(g/cm3) 1.1
SSA(m2/g) 15
Specific Energy Density(mAh/g) 140
LiFePO4 performances

A High energy density. LiFePO4 can accommodate Li with a theoretical capacity of 170mAh/g, and exhibits a practical-specific capacity as high as 140mAh/g (0.2C, 25°C)
B High Security, it is one of the most secure anode material of Li ion batteries
C No empoison, neither contain unhealthy heavy metal for human.
D Long life cycle. Under 100% DOD, it can charge and discharge more than 2000 times.
E No memory effect.
F Quick charge performance, LiFePO4 anode material of Li ion batteries, can use high rate charge, and make full of batteries as soon as one hour.
Due to the limitation of price, secure, cycle performances and so on, conventional Li ion batteries clag the development and application of power Li ion batteries. LiFePO4 have the characteristic of security, excellent cycle, friendly environment, wide origin material, is recognized the preferred anode material of new Li ion batteries, the study and development of LiFePO4 become the mostly developed country object. Owing to the complex preparing technics, high technique, slowness industrialization, only fewness companies of U.S.and Canada have batch produce.
Application of LiFePO4:
1) Energy storage equipment: base on solar, wind, terrestrial heat, ocean generate electricity; electrified wire netting mix apices; no break off electricity system UPS; work in solar battery appliance illumination and so on.
2) Electromotion facility, high power electromotion facilities; electric hammer, electric drill, weeding machine and so on.
3) Light electromotion vehicle electromotor motorcycle, electromotor bicycle, golf vehicle, electromotor trundle vehicle, cleanness vehicle, mix drive autocar(HEV), in the 2-3 years goal, future forklift, power supply;
4) Minitype facility medical treatment facility; electomotion wheelchair and ride instead of walk; toy (telecontrol electomotion airplane, vehicle, boat);
5) Other minitype wiring safety lamp;
6) Startup electrical source: autocar, autocycle, tractor, diesel engine, railway gas engine, electric power engine, passenger car jump-start electrical source;
7) Machine-made electrical source; mostly used on communication, move station, telecom, railage, electric power, finance, power plant, computer system protected, autocontrol standby electrical source;
8) Military field: array locale electron chain of command, sea(naval vessels, underwater automaton), land( soldier system, enginery fighter) sky (robot bomb) outer space (secondary planet, airship) various arms of services.
Li ion batteries technology weren,t a simplicity industry, it correlate development of information industry, also one of the basic technique of new energy sources industry, and become indispensability importance equipment of modern times and future military affairs. Belive in before long future LiFePO4 will replace lead acid batteries and unified power batteries, and the more abroad used.